Why you must go through detox if you’re an alcoholic

I’m an alcoholic, and I’m an alcoholic who has accepted that I suffer from a problem and will need help, skilled professional help. I look at my lifestyle and I appreciate how unpleasant it has become because of alcoholism. I hurt my own self everyday then I hurt other folks everyday. It is not ok anymore. It has to end. But the particular method of helping it end, the process of treatment and recovery, is really terrifying. Anyone out there that has fought against some dependency previously would certainly understand. After awhile, addiction becomes all you know, and you ponder how everyday life would end up being without it, precisely what it might be like to be able to get there. It’s frightening.

I don’t think I’m so very frightened with regards to the whole therapy process. I assume I would certainly be able to handle the group meetings and individual counseling sessions and all of that no problem. What I’m anxious about is the very first part. If I can’t deal with the first part, I won’t make it to all this group and individual stuff, the stuff that truly helps you conquer addiction mentally. I have to get through the very first part to get there, and that’s what is actually terrifying. The very first part is detox. I am terrified of the whole detoxification process.

I have heard that detoxification is one painful thing to experience. I have heard this can make you come to feel like you are in hell really. And I have heard that occasionally you have to be put on prescribed medication to keep your system from closing down and dying simply because of the withdrawal symptoms. It’s distressing and also dangerous, and that is the reason it is actually so very scary. I don’t get precisely why you will need to go through detoxification if you’re an alcoholic. Why can’t I simply start drinking less and doing work on myself all at the same time. I could simply steadily move down off of alcohol consumption until I am 100 % free from it, kind of similar to how folks quit smoking cigarettes. Then I wouldn’t have that pain which will be ultimately better with regard to my addiction recovery process.

I think my number one concern from this whole detox experience is really that I may possibly give up. I can see me personally being in so much discomfort that I just through my hands up in the air and go out and proceed right back to everyday life as an alcoholic, so aggravated that I will never try it out again. And this would probably mean spending the remainder of my life as an alcoholic, negatively affecting myself along with those around me. I can’t take that. So, I feel it would be much better if I could maybe simply take baby steps off of alcohol in all forms for some time till I’m 100 % free of it. I don’t get the reason why you ought to go through detoxing if you’re an alcoholic as I suppose this way might work best for me and also most likely best with regard to a whole lot of other people as well.

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