Why Rehab Saved Robin Williams Life

Robin Williams is definitely notorious for being one of America’s leading funnymen. Popularity came with a price though as Williams devoted several years struggling with cocaine and liquor addictions. Able to free himself from the vices of the drugs, Williams lived a existence of sobriety for 20 years, until 2006.

In 2006, developing anxiety got to Williams and he droped off of the wagon. He soon started alocohol consumption once more until the condition endangered his marital life. His wife of 17 years during the time, Marsha, urged him to get support. Though the actual relationship did not survive the abusive drinking, Williams did get sober and says that it ended up saving his life. He states that it is easy for him to see plainly devoid of the effects of the actual drinking. Williams is taking it slower regarding working these years. He appreciates that whenever he is constantly doing work, it comes with a damaging impact on his destructive habits.

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