Why Has Oxycontin Become a Street Drug?

Oxycontin is usually a form of Oxycodone that is marketed as a time released pain killer. The medication is classified as a Schedule II Controlled Substance because of the high possibility of dependence on the drug. While the drug will only be available by doctor’s prescription, it is now increasingly more available on the streets for addicts to acquire from sellers.

Even though Oxycontin is a time release substance designed to be consumed whole, addicts will break or chew up the pill to bypass the time release. Once the tablet is crushed, it’s snorted through the nose, like cocaine. The drug is usually diluted in water and inserted into the veins as well. These methods of modifying the tablet result in speedier, more powerful highs.

As time passes, the body will develop a ceiling to the pill, which makes it necessary for addicts to increase the dosage to get the high feeling. Developing a tolerance to the drug is extremely hazardous because when the drug is used in increased amounts, the probability of overdosing multiply. Due to the fact Oxycontin depresses the nervous system, overdoses will close down the respiratory system and result in subsequent death if they are not dealt with instantly. Other possible signs of Oxycontin overdose include: seizures, coma, and confusion, loss of consciousness, breathlessness and vomiting.

Oxycontin has developed into a street drug because of the numerous users who are looking for illegal ways of acquiring the prescribed drug. When physicians won’t prescribe more pills after realizing that their patients are abusing the drug, addicts are left going through withdrawal and definitely will pay larger rates to get the pills on the street.

In order for the drug to be found on the street, there has to be a method in which the dealers get the pills. There were situations reported where pharmacists have stolen pills from the drug stores and sold them to agents to make money. In other instances, youngsters have raided their parent’s medicine cabinets and offered the leftover prescription tablets for money as well. These two actions lead to Oxycontin being offered like a street drug.

Fighting an oxycontin addiction surely requires the assistance of a detox facility because of the serious withdrawals that you simply experience as the drug exits your system. One user explained the withdrawal saying that he felt like his skin was burning and his bones were melting. This one thing implies that the medication is efficient at addiction. An addict may ignore regions of his life to take the drug, along with telling lies and stealing.

Detox is the best resolution for weaning yourself off of oxycontin. By allowing a doctor to manage your doses until the dose becomes minimal and eventually ceases, you are relinquishing control but combating your addiction as well. After the drug is out of the body, treatment in the form of rehab will likely be needed; otherwise the prospect of relapse vastly grow. Since the drug is capable of ruining your life, the sooner you will get aid, the sooner it is possible to move on with your life.

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