What is The Big Book

Favorite among those excited about carrying out a 12-step program to help battle their being hooked on alcohol consumption as well as other habit forming substances, The Big Book was written by Bill W. Bill W. was among the initial members of Alcoholic Anonymous. As one of many main persons in this organization, he helped to produce the 12-steps as you may know them nowadays. Inside this book, the reader will find not just Bill’s account, but quite a few accounts of persons who claim to have safely and effectively entered rehabilitation using the steps outlined. The Big Book isn’t a workbook, or even a bible. However, for someone whose beliefs match with that relate to the writer, the stories are usually beneficial in addition to supportive. One of the key points discussed within The Big Book is the perception that an man or women suffering from alcohol dependency simply cannot enter recovery without confessing a greater power, together with the perception in the requirement to help other people who suffer the pain of addiction.

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