What is co-dependency?

We’ve just about all come across this word co-dependency. However, not a whole lot of individuals recognize what actually means. What is co-dependency? Well, it’s a health issue which folks have that tends to make them dependent upon some other individual in someway. It is an illness that establishes an unhealthy, obsessive love for another individual that brings these folks to go out of their way for that other person, harming themselves throughout the process, and in addition can make these folks pretty much incapable of undertaking something without having that other person. I would suggest there are a lot of couples out there who currently have a co-dependent participant within the relationship. And unfortunately, it can be what normally finishes the particular relationship. Now, precisely how do I know about co-dependency? Well, I had a moderate case of that myself, and also a particular case.

I ended up being really a little co-dependent over my good friend, Alec. This is ultimately really disturbing to write about, I mean, it’s another dude which is a friend, and i actually became co-dependent for him, and yet that’s the truth of this particular matter. You see, Alec and I met in high school. We’ve been good friends for almost ten years. A couple of years ago, we did almost everything together, and this felt nice to be able to get this kind of a strong, male relationship in my own life. You see, my own dad was never there for me growing up, he didn’t give me the affection which I wanted as a child. So when I grew to become so close to this particular friend, a very good friend that was very much a male leader, a powerful male support system, i actually clung to him.

II started never looking to actually do stuff on any week-ends or together with any other friends except for when Alec was in fact going. I would put together a meal for our family, and then Alec would usually come over. I quit wanting to prepare food if I realized this guy wasn’t coming. Alec is actually one of those types of fellas who eats kind of bad and doesn’t constantly eat when he should. So, I began going out of my way to take food to his residence and deposit them in the fridge. I was constantly wanting to help make his circumstances less complicated simply because this guy meant so much to me, I wished him to always be well taken care of.

The reality is, he wasn’t effectively taken care of by his mother growing up. So, he didn’t have that attention. My mother took outstanding care of me, so I understood how to supply this care to him. Yet, I didn’t have this dependable male figure in my life, that he supplied me. So this developed this vicious cycle of co-dependency. We quickly noticed that what was in fact going on was odd and in addition this was wrong. We had to be able to take the step away from the friendship because it wasn’t good.

That came to be a painful time, nonetheless , I have come out of it. I went to this shrink and worked out several of my own problems. One day when I was with the shrink i actually asked, “What is co-dependency?” When he explained it, I understood this had been what precisely I developed been for Alec, and consequently that I needed to alter that. And i actually have. Alec and I are at present very best friends, though because of co-dependency, it needed a lot of effort to remain like that.

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