Vicodin is Addictive

I’d always been inquisitive about Vicodin because Dr. House always took it for that discomfort in his leg on the tv show House. His personality had an habit to the medicine after so much use for his persistent pain difficulty and it often contributed to his whacky style and ideas, tips that usually worked out in the end.

I never wished to use Vicodin like him. I just wanted to find out what it was like, what kind of impact it would have on me. Of course, like all people who get their knowledge teeth surgically removed, I had ultimately had the opportunity. After that operation, I had been offered a bottle Vicodin to help with the discomfort that would follow the procedure. And boy did I need it!

I was not focused on becoming addicting like Dr. House, I was just excited to see what it made me feel like. Of course, for me recovering from the surgery, any strange or new effects were not produced by it, it only made me feel normal as oppose to being in unbelievable amounts of discomfort from the surgery. For the initial 3 times of use, it merely helped me not to need to cry. However, as I started to progress I found adjustments with the use of Vicodin.

After another day, I understood that the Vicodin wasn’t performing as much for me anymore. I was getting tolerant to it. So, I decided to take more of the medicine. Which is when I started to experience the euphoria it may produce. Vicodin made me feel free and at peace when I took just a bit more than the physician would have liked. So I did not believe it was the huge of the deal but I was at home recovering form operation.

After a week, I was physically back to normal in terms of my operation. Nevertheless, I still had Vicodin, and I was still getting it, still harming it. I would consider more and more so that I could feel that high. There is not truly a means to explain it besides you feel light and consistently pleased. Since it made me feel so great I began as a new necessity for existence looking at Vicodin. And then my prescription ran out.

Needless to say, there was no refilling the prescription. Once I was away that was it. And thus, I began to undergo withdrawal from Vicodin. This is when I realized that Vicodin is addicting, more addicting than I could have imagined and I had been hooked. Due to my addiction not being met, I lost my desire, I was sweating and trembling, I felt angry and moody, I can not sleep, it was like being ill and being extremely angry about this.

After a couple of days I was completely back on track, but with a what it may do and new comprehending of Vicodin. I now recognized Dr. House slightly better, and what I understood scared me a little bit. Vicodin is addictive, therefore must other prescription medications be. There are folks out there who can get more of those medicines if they want, more people to perpetuate addiction. And thought in my experience is terrifying.

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