Prescription Drug Abuse

When you turn on your TV these days, you will frequently hear of celebrities and other community figures abusing prescribed medicine. While not all celebrities abuse drugs, being high profile definitely gets them a lot more focus. The most profound and serious news of prescription medicine misuse was with the death of pop legend Michael Jackson. The artist, after his death, found to be abusing Propofol and a cocktail of other prescription drugs.

Prescribed drugs do not work like common recreational drugs. These drugs impact the taker by altering the mood or taking away discomfort. Even so, due to its subtle yet effective manifestations, people that take them normally never wish the feeling to disappear. Therefore, they take more and more volumes to maximize the effects of the drugs. Obviously, with all varieties of abuse there is often a threshold where the human body can take no more. In the long run, it all leads to an overdose.

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