Miley Cyrus: The Fake Role Model

Miley Cyrus is known as a young performer who has claimed the hearts and minds of scores of devoted young girls throughout the world. Having said that, adults are terrified at their kids eager to copy Miley Cyrus, an individual these people say is an awful role model.

Since her climb to popularity, Miley isn’t without her share of controversy. As a teenager, she posed for snap shots in her underclothing and distributed them via mobile phone. She has also been proven to park in handicap spaces, making claims to experience tachycardia and using that as an defense. Never mind the fact that she is capable of giving high energy events, taking walks just a couple feet should not be a difficulty. Her infamous photographic shoots at the age of 16 donning just a sheet is simply too provocative for a star her age group, no matter what her sex appeal is. Together with actions such as these, it’s no surprise that moms and dads wouldn’t like their kids behaving like Miley. There are certainly superior heroines to choose from for young girls to follow.

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