Finding New Friends in Recovery

Recovery is the time that employs entering treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. It is the beginning of a completely new life style. Each time a person enters in to recovery it is suggested that they make many changes in their lifestyle. Among the most significant changes suggested would be to change the people and places that were part of their drinking and using habits.

This is not to say that once you enter restoration you have to get all new friends. Frequently addicts and alcoholics have friends that have stood by them through thick and thin. It is the friends that drank and used drugs with all the newly recovering individual that would be the problem. For the most part, by the time somebody stops the cycle of alcohol or drug abuse, the only people they keep company with are those who are using.

Acquiring new friends in recovery begins when you admit that there is a challenge and choose to quit the habit and enter treatment. Initially, you’re surrounded by people who are in therapy with you along with counselors or medical professionals. As you start to sober up and be involved in your recovery you will socialize that have the same goals as you. After therapy, as you begin aftercare, you will develop friendships that may last a lifetime. Someone once explained that friends in recovery are like people on your lifeboat in the Titanic, as you are surviving something that is life threatening.

It is always useful to have people in your life that determine what you are going through. In restoration this means much more. You are with people who have a common problem and a common solution. You get the benefit of others’ experiences and they get the benefit of yours.

More frequently than not, finding new friends in recovery is something that happens naturally. Many individuals find friends in recovery through plans and other such support groups. Many individuals find life-long friends through various recovery programs support one another in a thing that is so personal and because they share this personal bond.

Friendships and their value are frequently over looked in society as a lot of people are primarily centered on romantic love. But, friendship is something which can help us to grow and to understand, and it can be vastly helpful traveling of recovery.

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