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There are many kinds of addictive drugs. As a common fact, getting into these addictive drugs can damage your life. How rampant is the use of drugs? In one research study, it has been approximated that one out of five people in the age of sixteen and fifty nine have at least used one kind of addictive drug. This research study has also showed that there are more men who take addictive drugs as compared to women. One of the most commonly used drugs is the marijuana.

Your life can be ruined by addictive drugs in many different ways. For the mean time, you might put in risk your education or hurt a loved one. Studies have shown that there is a high correlation between the use of drugs and the deterioration of your body. According to statistics, there are about nineteen thousand deaths that have occurred on people who are under drug addiction. In the year 1999 alone, the United States of America has tallied a whooping nine thousand and a hundred two persons that have died with drug addiction as the cause. One should take note that as the years will come by, these numbers will also rise. This is such a horrifying situation that is why it is vital that upon knowing someone who is in a sorry state of drug addiction, help should be readily called. Where can one find this help? This help is available via the different drug rehab clinics. Drug rehab clinics are growing in figures. Finding for one will never be a difficulty. You can always look for the one that will suit your need.

These drug rehab clinics help people who have drug addiction by undergoing these people on a treatment. There are different ways that a drug addicted individual would go through once he or she be taken in to a drug rehab clinic. One of this is the biological method where in prescribed drugs are used as a treatment to treat this addiction to drugs. This drug counters the result of the addicted drug. For example, the drug being addicted to is heroin. In order to counter the effects of heroin, methadone will be prescribed by a physician. Methadone helps in reducing the strong negative withdrawal symptoms from the moment the intake of heroin is being stopped. The medical aspect of drug rehab prescribes drugs relying on the drug being addicted to. Another kind of treatment would be the use of psychotherapeutic means to help drug addicted individuals recover. Psychotherapeutic ways consist the utilization of psychodynamic, humanistic, behavioral and cognitive treatments. Behavioral treatment utilizes different behavioral techniques to help an individual to stay away from drug use. It helps in putting out unwanted behaviors and teaches one in acquiring new and positive behaviors. Psychodynamic helps a person in recognizing the maladaptive means in which they try to cope up and in the source of their unconscious conflicts. Humanistic therapy helps someone by realizing the potentials and one’s place in the world through the means of exploring the self that is why humanistic therapy is mostly referred to as a person- centered therapy. And lastly, cognitive therapy works by focusing on people’s maladaptive interpretations of events or ways of thinking and tries to replace them with more adaptive means of thinking. This would help the individual in acquiring fresh and more efficient techniques in solving problems which makes the individual deal with his or her life better.

Most drug rehab clinics uses psychotherapeutic treatment and biological treatment to help people who wants to recover from drug addiction.

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