Does Miami Have a Cocaine Problem

When the movie “Scarface” premiered in the eighties, it showed a gritty Miami being overtaken by the personality Tony Montana as well as his cocaine drug ring. Whilst glorifying illegal substances was really a huge section of the film, an important part of its perspective is certainly based on real truth. Miami, similar to most towns and cities in america, has got a challenge with cocaine along with the customers who acquire it.

After you think of Miami, first thing that pops in your brain could be the sunrays, beach sand as well as the beach front. Along with each of the ‘hang-outs’ and exquisite individuals that stay in the area, making the area one of the most extravagant locations across the world. Having said that, Miami features its own black underbelly. Narcotics such as cocaine and heroin usually are widespread and tend to be the chemical substances preferred by with people residing the high everyday life. While it might not be in the beginning, uncovering the top uncovers a dimly lit and dangerous aspect to the city.

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