Can drug addicts drink alcohol?

I have got a serious question that may sound basic, however if you stop to think about it, it’s a pretty good question. The question is: should illegal substance addicts drink alcohol? Can people who are addicted to drugs or that have been addicted to drugs consume alcoholic beverages without building an addiction to alcohol? Obviously, there are men and women who wrestle because of substance addictions, whether they are in the past or present, everyday. These individuals might also consume alcohol, another habit forming substance. Will they develop an addiction to this substance based off of their illegal substance addiction? I’m certain I’m not going to obtain a single reply from this. I’m certain there are multiple replies out there and responses which men and women may fight over. But what’s the broad consensus?

The reason I ask is i actually have known a couple illegal substance addicts who commenced drinking. They both had unique reactions to the alcohol. So now I am a little bit confused on just what the answer is to such a question. I had this particular friend, Adam, that was a using illegal substance addict when he began to drink somewhat heavily. He was actually addicted to cocaine and some category of pain killer pills. He was initially a splendid person in general, though whenever this guy was high on all those things, it ended up being just plain strange. It was crystal clear he had a challenge and needed help, but he wouldn’t go for this and consequently no one came for him. Then this person commenced drinking. He soon grew to be an alcoholic as well. Basically, Basically, this person would need a specific quantity of cocaine, pain killer pills, as well as alcoholic beverages everyday to function. It was in fact clear he had destructive addictions to both, and consequently these had to be managed throughout rehab as co-occurring disorders.

On the other hand, I had an additional friend, Nicole, who was previously a drug addict, went to rehab needed for illegal substance addiction, came out, proceeded to go right back to typical life, drank alcohol in all forms in social settings, and ended up being fine. This is what confuses. She essentially proceeded to go through treatment for a particular addictive substance as well as with regard to this health problem of addiction itself. I had been under this impression that these people are taught to stay away from all addictive substances there after since it could be more probable that they may become addicted to alcoholic beverages themselves. However, However, she was in fact and is absolutely fine. She might perhaps even drink alcoholic beverages heavily at particular sociable settings and indeed be fine.

So, what is it? Can drug addicts consume alcohol? Is it possible for these kinds of folks to be able to indulge in this additional addicting substance without becoming addiction? I think that it’s certainly likely that addiction will form. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s assured though.

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